The Best Stargazing Spots in North Pembrokeshire

Sep 2, 2021Activities, Beaches, On our doorstep

Everyone that has ever been to North Pembrokeshire can tell you how fabulous the night sky really is. With low light pollution, the clear night sky is incredible. It’s definitely something you shouldn’t miss on your holiday at Home Farm. Pembrokeshire is home to so many wonderful stargazing spots too!

stargazing spots

A Shiny New Activity


Looking for some unique activities that you wouldn’t usually do at home? Look no further, stargazing is an easy and incredibly rewarding activity. With so many stargazing spots in the vast Designated Dark Sky Areas across Pembrokeshire, it would be a shame not to go!

Stargazing Spots You Need To Go To 

There are so many incredible stargazing spots to visit in Pembrokeshire and Home Farm is close to our favourite stargazing spots. One of our favourite spots is Newgale Beach, which is a 25-minute drive away from Home Farm. This beautiful sandy beach is an amazing place to spot stars, with such a low light pollution rate it is one of the best places to spot stars. Another one of our favourite places to go is Whitesands Bay. It is less than a ten-minute drive away from Home Farm. Whitesands is also the perfect place to go to watch the sunset – they are almost always spectacular! 

If you don’t really want to leave Home Farm to go stargazing, you don’t have to! Just get wrapped up all warm and make yourself comfy under the night sky and look up. The stars will look magnificent either way!

What To Take To Your Stargazing Spot

Heading off to some stargazing spots? You don’t need to bring a telescope or even binoculars, so don’t worry about not having any stargazing equipment. There are only a few things you need to take with you to your stargazing spots to help make the experience more enjoyable. 

Wrap up warm, take coats, hats, gloves, and wear warm clothing. It can get a bit chilly at night time and when you get to your stargazing sports you will be lying still so might get cold then. Another thing we would recommend taking with you is some picnic blankets or something similar. This way you can lie down comfortably without getting anything on your clothes. You could even bring a pillow and blanket to make yourself extra comfortable and warm. 

To take your stargazing experience up a notch you could bring some things to make a fire and toast marshmallows under the star-filled skies. Alternatively, hot chocolate could warm you up and biscuits would go down a treat too!

 How To Keep Your Children Interested 

Want to go to some stargazing spots but aren’t sure how to keep your children from getting bored? No need to worry, get children involved in the experience by trying to ask them what they can see in the night sky. Do the stars look like the shape of a toy, a person, or an animal. You can even try to take pictures of the stars for your children to draw the following day. 

What are you waiting for? Book your holiday at Home Farm and come and check out our favourite stargazing spots. For more ideas on what to do on your holiday at Home Farm keep an eye out for new blogs and follow our Facebook page.